Sunday, November 27, 2011

Don't let Voter Fraud Steal Your Vote

I have an exciting new project that I think will be a lot of fun and rewarding for me.  I wanted to share it with you because I thought you might want to assure yourself that your vote in the next election really counts for something.
One thing we all have in common. . . Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Socialist Party or whatever. . .  we all want our vote to count for something.  We want our voice to be heard.  On this we can all agree.   I have been wasting a lot of time reading and sending along emails that express my frustration but I don't accomplish much except to complain.  I wanted to do something positive that would move us in the right direction.  However, I was not looking to work for one Party or another.    But I wanted to do something constructive that would benefit everyone.  I think you will agree that I have found the perfect way. . .
I am going volunteer with a non-partisan organization called Election Integrity Project ( ; There are 30 Election Integrity Projects located in 30 different States.  Each one independent of the others because each State has different election laws.  The movement was started in Texas and the Texans have worked hard to become good role models for the new Projects.  We all want our vote to count for something.  Every time someone votes more than once or a non citizen votes. . .  my vote no longer counts for anything.  That makes me mad and I plan to do something about it.  If two people vote more than once or two non citizens vote then neither of our votes count for anything.
For my very first assignment I will explain why it is much better for you and the integrity of the voting system to vote in person instead of Voting By Mail (VBM).  I know. . . I know. .  voting by mail is very convenient but if it means that my vote won't count then I am going to stop doing it.  Citizens Voting By Mail is the #1 tool for fraud.  Absentee ballots are the most vulnerable to fraud.  They are easy to obtain by fraudulent methods.   They are open to successful multiple registrations and fraudulent voters.  When I vote by mail I have no guarantee that my ballot arrives to be counted untouched, unaltered or arrives at all.  Often times the counting of your Voting By Mail (VBM) ballot is delayed or not even counted!  When you vote by mail your ballot may be considered unworthy of counting because the statistics of the counted votes show the VBMs would make no difference in the outcome!  That is just absurd!  There is no way of predicting the statistics will remain the same from one group of ballots to another.. 
Of course if a person is ill or immobile or traveling or in the military then they must Vote By Mail.  But, VMB should be limited to those who have no other choice.  But they should be the exception not the rule.  Yet some States are considering closing the polls and have all votes by mail or on line. 
When you mail in your VBM it must be mailed several days ahead of the election day.  Not only is that contrary to the Constitution but requires that you make your decision before you have all the information.  Something may happen (and often does) two days before the election that may change your mind but unfortunately you have already cast your ballot and it is too late to change it.
Voting in person while less convenient has these important advantages.  It is a deterrent to fraudulent votes.  One thing I had never thought of was that it guarantees my privacy.  Your name appears on the VBM.  Anyone who comes in contact with it can see how you voted.  When I vote in person I know my vote is submitted without alteration.  I know that my choices are private and I am assured that my vote  will be counted and counted promptly.  Also I vote with the assurance that I have all the current information humanly possible.  I enjoy going to the polls to vote.  I feel the power of being a part of the community.  It is a feeling of pride as the neighborhood exercise its rights to cast our ballot as each of us sees fit.
So I hope you will join me making your vote count for something by going to polls to vote IN PERSON!   And if you decide you want to help the Election Integrity Project in your State clean up the Voter Rolls and provide well trained Poll Workers, here is their website again
Thanks for listening.  I will keep you posted how it goes.

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