Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Comment on a blog

Some have been having trouble leaving a comment on my blog.  I don't blame you.  :-\  I needed to do some experimentation to figure out how it works myself. 

The major problem is that it can fool you into thinking that your comment has been posted and it hasn't.  So here is some insight.

The site won't accept the comment unless you are identified or post under "anonymous."  You need to make a choice. 

When making the choice for "Comment as:  select profile" your choices are
     Google Account  (put in your google account info here)  OR
     Live Journal       (put in your Live Journal info here)  OR
     Word Press       (put in your Word Press info here)  OR
     Type Pad           (put in your Type Pad info here)  OR
     AIM                  (put in your AIM sign in info here)    OR
     Open ID            (put in your Open ID sign in info here)   OR
     Name/URL        (if you have a web site, put in your name and web address here)
     Anonymous        (this is the easiest.  You may sign your name to the comment.

Next - Click "Post Comment." If you chose "anonymous" you move directly to the  "Word verification" request. If you chose any of the services like Google or Word Press you move directly to your sign in page for the service you indicated.   If you are at your service sign in page, sign in.  When you sign in you will be switched to the "Word verification" request.

At "Word verification" request you will see a distorted word that you must type correctly.  This prevents spanners from instantly posting 10,000 comments to my blog.   It proves you are a real person reading the distorted word.  Just type the word in the box below the distorted word and click  "Post Comment"  You should receive a confirmation message.  Your comment should be available immediately.

I suggest you do a practice or test comment.  Just make your comment say "test" and try to post it.  If you are successful I  can remove the test later.  This should insure that you don't spend time writing a comment and then lose it in the process of posting.

Please post any comment you have on how these directions could be clearer.  Thank you for your help and your comments.

The Patriot

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