Monday, October 4, 2010

Why and How I Created This Blog

I never wanted to be a blogger.  I was born before WWII, so I am technologically challenged.  The terms software, hard drive, IT, digital, memory, motherboards, CPU, HTML, multi-media, dialog box, URL, and scripts are like words from a foreign language.  The term "formatting" caused me the most trouble.  When I first got my computer my son warned me. . .  "never, never, never "re-format" your computer.  But when I went to write my first blog the instructions asked me to "format" my blog.  So before I even started I was blocked!  So what did I do? . . . . I asked for help. . . . and when he stopped laughing my son explained the difference to me and I proceeded.

I got stuck several times before I got this first one published.  But most of the time I went to good old Google for help and Google usually had the answers and I benefited by learning a lot along the way.  Little by little, piece by piece, I learned my way. Now I am feeling good.  ☺ (I just now learned how to make this happy face by going to Google)

Why I am writing a blog
I believe that our Founding Fathers were brilliant in creating the documents that guided our United States of America to being the best and most sought after residence in the world for over 200 years.  During my lifetime I have watched the slow erosion of these documents along with our liberties and our national pride.

So, I have been watching the news and reading my email and passing along outrageous comments and jokes to people who are also dissatisfied with the way our Country is going.  I have been spending a ton of energy preaching to the choir.  Now I want to do something more constructive.  I am going to quit complaining and instead take practical action to make a positive change.

I have given up my reading and forwarding of joke and repetitious rhetorical email.  I will devote my time to this blog to try to make a difference.  I will discuss interesting issues and avoid political personalities.  No slamming of current political figures, please, no matter how tempting.

Some of My Beliefs
In looking for a definition of Conservative I found that there about as many definitions as there are people.  So let me concentrate on what I mean when I refer to myself as a Conservative.  I will borrow from several sources. 

I like this quote from Alexander Pope, "Be not the first by which the new is tried, Nor the last to set the old aside." 

I love facts and want the truth.

While maintaining religious freedom for all, the principals of the US Government must remain true to Judea-Christian values.  This was the intention of our Founding Fathers.
With the exception of national security, military, boarders protection, foreign policy and mediation of interstate problems, everything should be left up to individual States.  That means schooling, health, taxes, social services, everything should be guided by each individual State and the people who live within that State. 

I am pro-life but at the same time I believe that the abortion issue is not the government's business.  My tax money should never ever be spent to kill an innocent baby.  I am willing to spend my State taxes to provide homes and care for unwanted children.

I believe American money should be backed with gold bullion.  Good luck with that.

That all for now, folks!

The Patriot


  1. I am so proud of you...I posted you on my Facebook wall!

  2. Followed Lynn's post over here. Outstanding! When taken at face value, the Constitution is so simple. It was written that way on purpose. That's what we have to return too. Look forward to reading more of your perspectives in the coming days.

  3. Enjoyed the read. Great job! Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to follow you.

  4. This is a perfect outlet for your need to "read the rules" hobby. It looks great! Wow...I am so proud of you. I will have Nic read it when she finally finishes her homework.
    Love you! xoxo
    Your Baby

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